Jupiter - Our home in Sunny South Florida

In 1991, Kathy & Donna started Imagination Creations out of their homes in Jupiter, Florida. After a short time,  the business had outgrown the extra space in their busy homes and they decided to take the leap and lease a space to expand their business! The working moms needed to be close to home and their families and that's where they found the original offices of Imagination Creations-- on Commerce Way in Jupiter. Although we have moved around the corner and expanded several times in our 25 year history, Jupiter is our home and we are very proud it! 

Jupiter is on the east Coast of south Florida on the Atlantic ocean, where the waters are crystal clear, the beaches sandy and clean, and some of the best fishing in the region! An amazing place to grow up, it is also a fantastic place to visit! All of our pictures you see on our website and social media  are on our gorgeous public beaches and some of our favorite shots include the Jupiter Lighthouse or Blowing Rocks Park (our local friends will know these favorite spots! :) 

Check out some of these gorgeous shots of what we call home-- Jupiter, FL, #561 #jupiterfl #juplovin #shebopbeach #madeinusa  (click on the picture to move to the next shot in the gallery below!)

PS you'll notice the company mascot "Lucy" in some of these shots--we're dog lovers too!! :)