Baby Swim Diapers

SHEBOP BEACH: Our baby swim diaper sets make a special gift for showers, first vacations, photoshoots, & day-to-day fun in the sun! What's even better is that safety is our first priority -- the materials we use are as delicate as your little one and are safe for your baby and the environment! Here is a quick summary of all the awesome aspects about our swim diapers! Scroll below for more detailed information on each section! 

Basics: All Swim Diaper Sets come with a bathing suit top & diaper cover bottom-- designed to wear a disposable diaper underneath offering 2 layers of protection from embarrassing accidents at the beach, the pool, or the waterpark! 

Fabric & UPF 50 Rating: Our bathing suit sets are made from a high quality lycra-spandex mix that has a UPF 50 protective rating simply by nature of its construction. Compare this to cheaper versions that add dissolving chemicals to lower grade swim fabrics in order to obtain quality UPF ratings) Chemicals that wear off onto your baby's skin! 

Diaper Liner Fabric: The diaper set’s bottom is lined with a special fabric that has tons of cool features making it perfect for a diaper cover! 

  • Forms a waterproof barrier while still being breathable - meaning it releases heat and water vapor keeping the wearer comfortable (1)

  •  Has a very soft hand, so its never stiff or crackly while also stretchy for a close, snug  fit (1)

  • Antimicrobial & CPSIA Compliant (see the extensive list of "does not contain... below!) (2)

Sizes: Thanks to several features that allow our sets to be adjustable we carry these diapers in two sizes based on weight. XS/SM (12-20 lbs) & LG/XL (22-30 lbs)


-Basics: All of our diapers come as a set with a bathing suit top and diaper bottom. Each set is embellished with fun and special details, like the mermaid swim diapers -- these sets get a mermaid scale tail firmly attached to the back, a tulle tutu and matching flower for extra sparkle. Another favorite is the Hula Diaper with fun tropical prints that has a fringe hula skirt sewn into the diaper (see pictures of all styles below !! ) 

-Our diaper sets are made from UPF 50 Lycra- what's important to note about UPF rated fabrics is how they obtain the rating. Our fabric is UPF 50 rated by nature. Meaning our Lycra is a high quality and blocks harmful rays from the sun simply by covering the skin. This is compared to other swim fabrics that are poor quality and obtain the rating of UPF 50 by adding certain chemicals -- many of which wash off after several washes and uses anyways!! And whats worse is that as these chemicals gradually wear off, they come off onto your babies absorbant skin -- NO GOOD! 

-Diaper Liner: the diapers are lined with lightweight polyester knit fabric (73% polyester, 27% polyurethane) that is CPSIA compliant, fire retardant, and antimicrobial (which means it kills or stops the growth of  illness-causing microorganisms).(3) The Diaper liner is also certified to be free of the following chemicals: 

DOES NOT CONTAIN: lead, heavy metals, BPA, phthalates, PVCs, diisocynates, chlorine, and latex. (2) 

-Size : Our designer has got the sizing perfect and adjustable! The top is adjustable because it ties at the back and the neck. The bottom diaper is designed to fit a disposable diaper underneath (which expands and contracts with liquid and solids) so the lycra-spandex on the outside has tension that allows the bottom to stretch and shrink, too! Like we said above, our two sizes are based on weight XS/SM (12-20 pounds) LG/XL (22-30 lbs) We assume at that time our little mermaids will transition into our girls' size x-small. Check out this link for info on Shebop Beach's girls' sizing! 

-Care Instructions: Although the pictures don't do these diaper sets justice, you can see the special details evident in the fine tulle tutu, the matching flower, or the fringe hula skirt. These outfits will withstand day to day wear and tear from the beach to the boat and beyond! However, a washer and dryer will do damage to all the special details ! We recommend a gentle hand wash in cool water and hang to air dry and this outfit will last longer than your little one can fit into it! 


Thanks for visiting and I hope this has been informative! See below to links to more information! 

CPSIA Compliant:

ECO-PUL Diaper Liner Fabric:


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